User-Friendly Keyword Research Tool

BlogBing makes it easier for you to increase organic traffic by simplifying the process of keyword research.

Keyword Research Tool
Why Keywords

The Magic That Your Website Needs

With BlogBing even a newbie can nail the keyword research!


Keep Track Of Real-time Data

For the keywords that you search, we provide you real-time metrics to ensure that you stay ahead in the competition.


In-Depth Analysis Of Niche

When you search your niche, an in-depth analysis is provided which include device ratio, top advertisers and more.


Supports Any Location

We can even give you keywords data of any city that you are targeting to make sure that you reach your target audience aptly.


Master Your Niche

BlogBing will help you in collecting all the information that you need to become the leader of your niche.


Market Analysis

Get brief idea about your market with help of BlogBing's simplified data.


Deep Keyword Metrics

Stay a step ahead from your competitors with deep level keyword metrics.

Market Analysis

Check Latest Trends

Get the trending data of past four years to plan things perfectly. Have a look at the trend to create volume of contents accordingly.


Compete Fiercely With SERP Analysis

Get exact idea of your competitors with accurate metrics thanks to our deep SERP analysis.

SERP Analysis

A Keyword For Every Context

No matter whether you are looking for head terms or long-tail keywords, you will find them all here.


Filter What You Need

The keywords can be filtered, sorted and exported. You can get do it all with just a tap.


Dig The Data Deep


Multiple Search Methods

Not one but you can use multiple search methods to extract the keywords that you need.


Bookmark Important Keywords

Found a keyword that is very important? Bookmark it to keep it handy.


Accuracy Is The Key

With BlogBing, you get all the accurate and real-time search volume and other metrics.


User-Friendly Interface

Our research tool will make it easier for you to analyze and research all the keywords.


Enterprise Partnership

Are you looking to build something with help of our constantly growing data & powerful resources ? Let's connect.

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