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Engage with your potential clients using BlogBing Mentions. We will notify you right away when someone mentions your keywords.

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Why Mentions

Spy On Your Mentions

We make it easier for you to convert potential clients to actual customers.

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Constant Watch

With BlogBing Mentions, you get alerts whenever someone talks about your keyword in any platform.

Constant Watch

Individual Crawler

We keep an eye on your keyword 24*7 with individual crawlers. You get to keep an eye on every mention in all the platforms.


Powerful Interface

Understand your mentions with our simplified interface. Also you can interact with the same directly from dashboard.


Engagement Is The Key

With BlogBing Mentions it becomes extremely easy to engage with your customers.


Everything In WWW is Covered

We fetch each and every mention of your keyword from everywhere in the digital world.


Operate On Each Mention Individually

You can analyze each mention individually. You can bookmark, mark as spam or delete them with just one click.


Analyze The Frequency Of Mentions

We graphically allow you to analyze the frequency of your mentions with help of simple metrics.


Who Are The Influencers?

Get to know about the users who are constantly talking about your keywords with their mention frequency.


We Are Your Encyclopedia!


Everything Organized

For different projects, you can manage different keywords with our project organizer.


Bookmark Your Mentions

Bookmark all the mentions in different tags to utilize them later on to grow your business.


Time Is Important

You can now target your customers on the basis of the time period. We have got everything covered for you.


Target The Right Source

Know about mentions from each source with BlogBing Mentions. And target right source with maximum potential.


Enterprise Partnership

Are you looking to build something with help of our constantly growing data & powerful resources ? Let's connect.

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